A Shares

    Beragh Credit Union now offers its members an additional savings facility known as an A Shares Account.

This account is in addition to a member's share and loan activity with members being able to save for specific purposes such as regular bills. Loans are not granted on the A Shares Accounts with the member having immediate acess to monies as it is not pledged against a loan. It is very simple to set up an A Shares Account just request to open the account with staff at the counter.

The idea behind this savings account is to make available the opportunity for members to set aside funds for a specific purpose. This gives the member the choice of saving for annual holidays, Christmas, anual bills such as household rates, university or college fees - the list is endless.

Money can be withdrawn by the member on demand making the A Shares Account an exceptional addition facility for all members.

Further information on A Shares Accounts can be discussed with credit union staff who will be only too glad to answer any questions.